Vintage design lighting

Table lamps

Vintage table lamp Valencia
Ran Classicon lamp
Philips desk clamp lamp
Fifties table lamp
Hala Zeist red vase lamp
Arteluce Palio table lamp
Parabel electric desk lamp
NoLamp mood lamp
Mushroom table lamp
Hala Zeist blue vase lamp
Seventies sleep chamber lamp
Silicones lamp Luceplan
Seventies ceramics table lamp
Peill and Putzler lamp
Anvia desk lamp
Italian vintage desk lamp
Seventies desk lamp
Seventies b-Spot lamp
Olla lamp
Tropical Zebra Fish perfume lamp
Italian table lamp
Silk lamp Zizi
Sixties plexiglass table lamp
Vintage desk lamp
Seventies ceramic lamp
Table lamp plexiglass
Mid Century desk lamp
Silk lamp
Desk lamp OMI
Hala Zeist lamp
Murano glass lamp
Temde design lamp
Vintage table lamp of glass
Guzzini Sirio lamp
Decorative table lamp
Tronconi lamp