Vintage design lighting

Ceiling lamps

Art Deco pendant lamp
Amsterdamse School lamp 1900 - 1920
Seventies ceiling lamp
Fifties pendant lamp of glass
Sixties pendant lamp with balls
Sixties ceiling lamp
Philips pendant lamp
Fifties pendant lamp
Sixties aluminum pendant lamp
Sixties cascade pendant lamp
Sixties pendant lamp
Helena Tynell ceiling lamp
Fifties ceiling lamp
Hanging lamp metal wire and glass
Seventies ceiling lamp
Fifties ceiling lamp
Ceiling lamp 1970
Guzzini hanging lamp
Italian design lamp
Particular yellow plastic hanging lamp
Fifties lamp
Art Deco ceiling lamp
Danese Milano Tet hanging lamp
Sixties ceiling lamp of glass
Anvia hanging lamp
Vintage hanging lamp
Fifties hanging lamp
Raak hanging lamp
Sputnik lamp
Guzzini style lamp
Raak Amsterdam hanging lamp
Hala Zeist glass lamp
Seventies lamp orange
Fog and Morup style lamp
Black pendant lamp
Pendant lamp with five cones