Vintage design lighting

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Fifties wooden table lamp
Mesmeri Artemide
Pallucco Fortuny lamp
Art Deco pendant lamp
Jette Helleroe table lamp 1970
Amsterdamse School lamp 1900 - 1920
Aluminum table lamp 1960
Fifties Italian wall lamp
Seventies ceiling lamp
Italian wall lamp
Fifties pendant lamp of glass
Sixties pendant lamp with balls
Cat of glass
Sixties bedside lamp
Sixties ceiling lamp
Philips pendant lamp
Eglo wall lamp
Fifties pendant lamp
Lava ceramic wall plate
VEB Narva table lamp 1970s
Anvia table lamp
Seventies beige yellow wall lamp
Sixties aluminum pendant lamp
Seventies black and white wall lamp
Sixties cascade pendant lamp
Sixties Louis Kalff mushroom lamp
Sixties pendant lamp
Helena Tynell ceiling lamp
Seventies green wall lamp
Seventies table lamp Osram
Wall lamp in the style of Charlotte Perriand
Seventies plexiglass wall lamp
Sonia Delaunay plate
Fifties ceiling lamp
Balloon lamp
Elux clamp lamp