Vintage design lighting

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Table lamp
Sixties ceiling lamp
Scheurig ceramic vase
Vintage design lamp
Maria with child wall lamp of glass
Black wall lamp
Sixties ceiling lamp of glass
JASBA vase
Seventies wall lamp
Sixties hanging lamp of Belgium
Steinhauer wall lamp of glass
Vintage bulb lamp of plastic
Chromolux alarm clock 1970
Sixties hanging lamp
Seventies Dijkstra wall lamp
Sixties Philips hanging lamp
Sixties table lamp of glass
Sixties cascade wall lamp
Sheep pendant lamp for the nursery
Hala Zeist yellow vase lamp
Doria pendant lamp
original ceiling lamp of glass from the thirties
Helena Tynell ceiling lamp
A shell lamp Italy
Seventies ceiling lamp of glass
Heico lamp cat
Sixties Green wall lamp
Ceramic plate 1950
Fifties Ceramic plate
2 sixties wall lamps of glas
Antique glass bowl with plate
Sixties ceiling lamp for children
Seventies ceiling lamp
Dijkstra pendant lamp
Fifties wooden table lamp