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At Gallleryshop we try making ordering as simple as possible for you.

How does ordering work?
If you see a product that you would like to order click next to the product on order now. Next you will arrive at a page that shows you the content of your virtual shopping cart. Here you can clearly see what you are going to order and what the cost are. Also on this page you can indicate if you would like to continue shopping in our webshop or if you want to checkout and finish your order.

If you choose to continue shopping you can go look for other interesting products in our webshop. And when you are finished shopping and looking for other products in our webshop you can always click on the shopping cart button in the menu to return to your virtual shopping to checkout and finish your order.

If you wish to checkout and finish your order then you will be asked to complete just a few simple steps such as providing your name and the address where the packet has to be send. After that you can easily check your order and provide your payment preference. Then you'll be redirected to the secure environment of your bank or Paypal account. After payment completion, your order is ready and you will receive instant confirmation.